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Smith | Schnider’s Founding Principal, President and Principal Broker Ron Smith, Principal and Executive Vice President Julie Zelaska, and Director of Custom Homes Division Genevieve Concannon reflect on year one at Smith | Schnider, and how the real estate team plans to welcome the New Year.

1. With the completion of year one for Smith | Schnider, what do you see as the top highlights of the year?

Ron: We were fortunate to put together a talented core group; as good or better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. Accolades for our team, the grand opening event and new Arlington office allowed us the ability to reconnect with so many people in the industry—resulting in immediate opportunities within the first eight months of being in business.

2. What goals did you achieve? What goals transfer into the New Year?

Genevieve: We launched the Liberty Properties branch of Smith | Schnider, our general brokerage division. Currently, we have seven agents working towards sales within Liberty Properties, as well as our Custom Homes Division, which surpassed our goals set at the beginning of the year. With a certain number of custom home projects under our belts, we’re all looking forward to recruiting additional agents in the near future.

3. What did you learn about yourself, the team in 2015?

Julie: I learned I have a very nurturing side, as I’m at a point in my career where I want to help others succeed. To help individuals realize which piece of the puzzle their talents are best suited for, allowing the team to succeed as a whole.

4. Describe the company’s culture.

Genevieve: In our industry, we’re used to working in isolated competitive scenarios. At Smith | Schnider, we realize it’s who you work with that matters. We act as a cohesive unit to grow and educate our industry colleagues, partners, agents and team members to continually stay ahead. Regardless of industry, no single person knows everything. Working with smart and dynamic people provides opportunity to learn everyday.

Over the years, our experience is that most real estate companies are very corporate and you’re told how things are going to work. At Smith | Schnider, we really embrace everyone’s talents and experience and listen to what they have to say in order to form our next step. It’s a truly transparent process. No one feels intimidated to speak up with ideas knowing everyone is working toward the same goal—a superior real estate sales and marketing company.

Ron: Our combined years of experience make us among the most knowledgeable, principled and accomplished firms in our industry. Our focus is and will always remain on the success of our clients.

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