January 25, 2017 | Liz Sacks

Last week’s NAHB National Builder’s Show was incredible on so many levels. It was truly an honor to win a golden trophy at The Nationals Award Ceremony for Best Marketing Promotion, especially with the caliber of marketing we’ve seen throughout the industry.

Ultimately, the goal of our yellow box campaign was quite simply to connect with our recipients (prospective clients) on a very real and authentic level. Our personalized iPad customized to each recipient had a very honest and powerful statement from Smith | Schnider founder, Ron Smith and that is, “there is a better way.” The meaning of course that builders and developers can get the true end-to-end guidance they need to maximize the success of their projects and have a true support system at arm’s length.

We’re humbled by NAHB’s honor and share this award with our creative partners in this campaign, NDG Communications.

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